From a little town off the coast of Maine

Since my very first job, I have been inspired by the ability of craftspeople and small businesses to uniquely contribute to the fabric of their community. As the manager of a local business for over ten years, I developed a passion for cultivating the creativity and ingenuity that small teams can produce. I’ve experienced first-hand how poorly designed technology can stall a team’s momentum and present new barriers, preventing businesses from meeting the potential of their efforts. I’ve also seen how thoughtfully designed and well-articulated tech can be crucial, positive and transformative tools.

As a software engineer, my inspiration is to empower people and business by building tools that amplify their efforts and advance their goals.



Full stack, cloud-based garden management app for planning & organizing green spaces
EJS | MongoDB | nodejs | Express

Open Maine Rent Control Calculator

Portland Rent Control Calculator

In progress community geared project built as a volunteer of Open Maine

Task Lemon

In Development

taskLemon is a lightweight nonprofit course management app designed for open remote classwork
MongoDB | Express | React | nodejs